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 The Album covers are designed by my dear friend colleague and artistic twin Jean- Charles Belliard

                The Morning Stars Sang Together

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The dense clouds represent the manifest world. On either side of the Great Architect are the now divided masculine et feminine energies. These being represented by a Sun God (Reason) and a moon Goddess (Passions)

The stars (angels) being the representation of the imagination.
The five mortals representing the five senses.
Blakes vision of the fourfold human nature. Divine imagination binding all creation together as one.

The book of Job and Blakes "When the morning stars sang" are easily researched in these internet days, therefore I wish to give several sentences to guide the listener during the playing of my seven interpretations of this superb watercolour and fascinating subject. 

The stars sheer delight of being radiant. Heavenly skies sparkling like crystal. The angels harmonious praise of the word/verb. The angels feel the fall and the first swaddling bands of the manifest world. They sing for the pure joy of singing. 

The breath suggests both the solar winds created by the stars whilst they sing, and the angels continuing to express the word/verb. 

These sentences are not titles as these ideas are present in all the pieces. 
As each piece has it's own special atmosphere, it is suggested that you chose which track you wish to hear, and not just play the disc from start to finish. 

I would like to thank Phoebe Barboteau for her hard work during the sampling of her beautiful voice.

All pieces were played and composed by K. V. Riby. 
Voice of the stars Phoebe Barboteau


I would like to give the following sentences as an insight into the inspiration for this work.

The series of five notes are a mantra.

When listening in the dark, each small accent feels like a spark of light. Each note being a raindrop falling gently into a lake with the sun illuminating the crests of the concentric ripples.

A wind chimes searching for beauty and harmony.


"...the series of five notes represent the pentagrams and the quintessence is found by the way of the harmonics...

" Total time: 49'30" divided in 5 parts of 9'54"

La Fille et la Marionnettiste

Originally a short story by Paul Gallico published in the October 28 1950 issue of "The Saturday Post". The screen play by Helen Deutsch was made into the 1953 American film "Lili" starring Leslie Caron. Following the sucess of the film Paul Gallico expanded the story into "The Love of Seven Dolls" circa 1954

Bonus track:

On Wanting to Here the Last Cuckoo of Spring